Things of The Week (Week Three)

Hey all! Sorry I’ve been gone for a couple of weeks. The end of my first semester of college is approaching, and finals preparation has begun. Anyway, here are my things of the week for this week! Enjoy


1. Hurt’s Donut Co. – All you Springfieldians knew that one was coming. Not only did we just get a locally owned donut shop (see ya, Krispy Kreme) but its a 24 HOUR DONUT SHOP! Let me tell you, it’s wonderful. It opened on Monday, and I’ve already been three times. No shame. Everyone needs to try this place. Their specialty donuts are to die for. DONUT worry, I wouldn’t tell you to go somewhere that was not delicious. (I like word play).



2. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire – Whoa. Talk about incredible. Catching Fire was exactly what I was hoping for and have waited for for over a year! It followed the book so well, and was cast so perfectly. I saw it on Friday Night, and was just amazed, even a little emotional – I cried 3 and 1/2 times – but otherwise, it literally pains me that I have to wait another year for Mockingjay. Not to mention, the soundtrack is great! Here is a link to my favorite song from the soundtrack!

3. Autumn at Drury – Missouri weather is all over the place, but autumn is the most beautiful of all the seasons in my opinion. And on good days, you will catch me standing around and staring at the ever-changing trees. Now, I’m not saying my campus is the cutest or anything (it totally is) but  Drury is full of trees and watching the leaves change and fall every day has been a very cool experience. I have even snapped a couple of pictures of my friends enjoying the weather!


4. Crocheting – what a fun and simple hobby I have acquired! crocheting is much quicker than knitting, and looks just as cute! I crocheted my roommate a scarf, and it was so cute I’m making one for myself! If you don’t have many gift ideas, I would recommend taking up crocheting! It’s super easy to learn! Here is a link to the pattern I used for my scarf!

5. Chai Tea – Last year, I drank a lot of chai, but sort of forgot about it after awhile. It wasn’t until just a few days ago, after I ran out of coffee in my dorm, that I remembered that I had brought a box of chai tea as a last resort in case I ever ran out of coffee. It was then and there that I rediscovered my love. To make the perfect cup (dorm room style):

-Fill a mug with 1/3 water 2/3 milk

-microwave for approx 3 min

-Add your tea bag and let set (I use Bigelow chai)

-Add approximately 2 tbsp of honey

-drink and relax 


Well there you have it! Come back next week and hear about my first Black Friday experience working at Bath and Bodyworks, AND my frst 5k!

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